5 Powerhouse Breakfasts

5 Powerhouse Breakfasts

Alexandra Rothwell

From providing office catering all over San Francisco, we, at Zesty, know that our clients are hungry for breakfast. Whether the morning meal is “the most important of the day” is an ongoing debate, which most likely depends on the individual. Overall eating patterns, exercise schedule, and personalized health goals each play a role in contextualizing when and what to eat. Without overcomplicating the matter, consider the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you hungry for breakfast?
  2. Will missing a meal cause you to feel deprived or overeat later in the day?

If you do not have much of a morning appetite and can eat moderately and happily without breakfast, this post is not for you.

There is a popular notion that a “healthy” breakfast should be light and a bit sweet. I blame the food pyramid and 1990s lingering ideals of a low fat diet. Picture cereals with skim milk, lowfat muffins, nonfat sweetened yogurts… However, these refined high carbohydrate options are likely the worst possible choices for the first meal of the day, causing blood sugar levels to quickly rise and fall. Consequences include an unwarranted hunger shortly after eating, which may be accompanied by a crash in energy levels. The following ideas are alternatives to breakfast norms and are for people who are hungry and looking to GET FULL in the morning.

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