The Best Way to Fuel Your Body Pre- and Post-Workout

Kelsey Gonzalez

To be completely honest, I do not love exercise. I’m not particularly a fan of getting up in the dark and heading to spin class before work or spending an hour at the gym at the end of the day. So why do I do it? Not only can exercise (or any movement such as dancing, walking or karate) help us maintain a healthy weight, but it can also help improve mental health and mood, decrease stress, and prevent the onset of chronic diseases such as heart disease. What we eat before and after exercise is crucial to getting the most out of each sweat-pouring, heart-pumping minute of our workout.

Ever feel nauseous prior to a morning workout because you forgot to eat? Or ravenously hungry all day after a 5am spin class? Here’s how to avoid these common discomforts and properly fuel your body pre- and post-workout to get the most out of your routine:

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